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When watching movies online one thing is certain that you would have access to all the genres of movies and the best part is you get all the access for free and that is something that other websites don’t provide. There are other websites with collection of movies however they require all users to sign in to get access however that isn’t the case with our website as we believe in giving access to all fans of movies especially the costume drama movies ones as it has been seen that people these days have a fascination for costume flicks. Watching movies in good quality enhances the viewing capacity.

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For people who aren’t aware that there are movies that one can watch without paying, should try the 1movies as they have variety of movies that one can watch. There is a huge fan base for people who love watching movies that have strong characters, dialogue based movies requires strong actors and over the decades there are many movies that are considered as cult due to the story line and the acting displayed by the actors. All the top movies are segregated as per its imdb rating, so that people can select the top movie that they want.

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For people who love binging on TV series can come to the 1movies website and enjoy watching their TV series. In the western industry there isn’t much of a difference in the production value of movies and TV series. All the top production houses in Hollywood produce TV series and you will be surprised to know that most of the actors who act in TV series have all acted in top movies. The viewership of TV series is more than that of the movies for example Game of Thrones is a series produced by HBO who are known to make many blockbuster English series and the makers of this expensive TV series have ensured that the viewers are glued to it.
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