Japanese Translation Services

Can Your Japanese Translation Services Firm Really Guarantee Your Confidentiality & Security?

Sure, most translation agencies have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which you may even have requested for sensitive English to Japanese translation projects in the past. But, let’s be honest here; these agreements only have utility where they can be enforced by the rule of law, and when you have the financial means and will…

Now, I’m not saying an NDA is worthless. Quite the contrary, and if necessary you should never forgo the protection offered by such a legal document. Here’s the issue with an NDA, though — It is a means of last resort. That is, only once violations have occurred, does the NDA, like all legal documents and statues, kick in. I’m sure you can understand at this point the damage is already done, right? And, if you understand this point, then you also will understand the importance of proactive confidentiality & security measures, preventative measure that make enforcement of the rule of law, and your means and will at enforcement, a mute point.

Therefore, clearly, there is much more to guaranteeing the confidentiality and security for translation services in Japanese English. Here are the measures your Japanese translation services company needs to implement to ensure guarantees aren’t simply hollow promises:

  • Physical Security

Does the translation agency restrict access to corporate premises, server rooms and data storage equipment?

  • Online Security

Given the extent of cyber crimes these days, you’ll want to know that not only have firewalls, antivirus software, SSL encryption and security monitoring software been implemented, but are also update on a regular basis.

  • Security Policies

These should be professionally designed policies that provide a road map to ensure implementation, enforcement, continuous updating and monitoring of security measures. That is, all the best infrastructure in the world is useless unless proactively managed!

  • Data Protection

Does the company carry out regular back-ups and off-site storage of data. Is that backup facility secured?

And, a final piece of advice. If you ever have any specific concerns regarding confidentiality & security, never be shy about contacting your professional translation services company!