Call Center Cubicle Challenges

Call Center Cubicle Challenges

Working in a call center day after day can pose its own challenges. Depending on the call center, you may have a room packed with people sitting in close quarters to one another divided simply by a wall. These stations
are called “cubicles”.

In tight quarters they are required to answer or make phone call after call, after call. Many representatives find they get quite thirsty when they are chatting all the time. Call centers typically do allow the agent to have a
drink at their workstation, but, frequently the demand of the calls hinders the representatives ability to use the bathroom (washroom) when need be.

Many call centers have a strict policy on how many restroom breaks are allowed. They require this in order to keep pace with the work load.

The down side to these guidelines is that it can become a health issue. Women or men vulnerable to urinary tract problems will need to use the restroom more routinely. Keeping in mind that pregnant women too,
require many jaunts to the bathroom.

Another challenge in call centers is that in these close quarters, colds and the flu virus can disperse quickly.

Being on the phone a lot, it’s difficult to perform you job with a sore throat or stuffy nose. Although call centers generally impose a “hands washing” policy, not all people follow this to the letter.

Sanitary solutions are quickly available in many centers to further acts as an aid to prevent these viral agents from distributing.

Realizing that you can’t always take a sick day, it’s valuable when working in a call center keep in mind to keep your station and your self as healthy as plausible.

Keep in mind if you have the flu or a cold ensure not to spread it. You should do this by simply following the policy of hand washing your company should already have in place.