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Some antique cameos as a hobby collecting tips

A cameo is a miniature sculpture that is usually mounted as jewellery. Cameos carved respite and gemstones. In general, the cameos are engraved on a background of contrasting color. Cameos are valuable pieces used only for decoration.

Antique cameos since the time of the 1800 are now available. They are invaluable elements that everyone wants. Collection cameos has an interesting hobby and today people are willing to shell out tons of money for them. However, it is necessary to identify the real cameos, so that maximum benefit can be obtained.

Antique cameos come on the basis of several factors, namely the quality of the carving, sculpture theme, the current status and age, the type of control material used for setting, and any other material evaluated. The desire of the Cameo is based on the subject is rather unusual. The most unusual is the subject, the more desirable Cameo.

The oldest guest appearance was found in Alexandria, Egypt. The cameo comes from the 3rd century BC and is made of agate. Cameo earlier, the tool was discovered in 1800 in Italy and since then a number of cameos were carved, which today have become antiques. Many great personalities such as Queen Victoria, Napoleon, his wife and a lot more people used antique cameos as jewellery. It was considered a symbol of prestige, status and wealth.

Different models are used in carving cameos. They are religious themes as saints, prophets, angels, Mary, Jesus, etc., picturesque cameos, patterns of animals or plants, portraits, Greek and acts and beings of Roman mythology, romantic cameos or couples with cupids and many other subjects. In 1800, the nose, long straights of the Romans was a popular motif for carving cameos used. Since then, the motivations are different hairstyles for artists and jewelers used.

The uses for the manufacture of cameos material are different. The most commonly used material for manufacturing the shell is cameo. Beads cameos are also available. The material is less frequently used is stone and is therefore the most desirable. Cameos were usually ancient stone of lava stone and agate. The stones were in a range of colors, namely brick, beige, black or white. Semi-precious stones were used in the sculpture of cameos. Natural materials such as ivory, coral and bone were also used to make cameos in the Georgian period.